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Color-Coded Candy Buffets for Your Wedding...

Experts from the Today Show and even Martha Stewart are designing wedding candy buffets for receptions and events.  Past are the days of ceremony desserts being one uniform piece of cake! specialists know what it’s like to plan an event and sort through decision after decision.  To relieve your stress, we only offer the highest quality wedding candy buffet candy that is most ideal for receptions and favors.  You can trust our secure UPS shipping to get the to you when you need it. 

Order an assortment of pinks in gummy bears, gumballs, jelly beans, and rock candy sticks, or choose a colorful collection of lollipops to add a splash at the event reception! 

Wedding Candy Buffet Candy Colors

Wedding Candy Buffet Candy Types

Try these ideas when selecting candies for your event!

*First, decide on the overall themes and feeling of your reception.  You can select favors and buffet bar candy by colors, shapes, flavors, and styles. Consider not only the candy bar display, but how the guests will serve and access the table at the reception.

*Second, narrow down the reception candy bar options by what flavors and types you would like.  Some favors are expected like Jordan almonds and candy mints.  Try adding some of your own personal favorites to add a personal touch to your event.

*Next, make sure to have the supplies for guests to scoop and serve the ceremony favors!  Find small scoops at party or kitchen supply stores.  You can customize them with accessories or leave as-is for the table.  Choose to have plates, containers, decorated bags, napkins, and/or other serving supplies. Guests will keep smiling with fun and tasty sweets within reach.

*Confirm the containers, sweets, and favors all go together to decorate.  Feel free to embellish the wedding candy buffet table with ribbons, unique vases, and personalized cards to your guests as a thank-you or with your new Mr. & Mrs. mailing address. 

*For favors, pre-bundle some favorites with a whimsical container and ribbons, or leave it open for reception guests to make their own take-home treat.

*Finally, make sure to order enough!  No one wants to see the bottom of a treats jar.