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While the color red has long been associated with passion, boldness, and bravery in the Western context, remember the Eastern concept of red, as well: a token of good fortune and lots of luck yet to come! Nothing quite catches the eye like a streak of red – especially when that red represents all the yummy flavors of candy we sell here at Chic Candy Buffet.

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Albanese Gummi Bears Cherry (5lb)Albanese Gummi Bears Cherry (5lb)
Albanese Rings Cherry (4.5lb)Albanese Rings Cherry (4.5lb)
Dorval Sour Belts Raspberry Cherry (6.6lb)Dorval Sour Belts Raspberry Cherry (6.6lb)
Dorval Sour Belts Strawberry (6.6lb)Dorval Sour Belts Strawberry (6.6lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Red (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Red (2.5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Red (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Red (2.5lb)
Haribo Strawberry Licorice Wheels (5lb)Haribo Strawberry Licorice Wheels (5lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Very Cherry (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Very Cherry (5lb)
NEW - Gummy Twin Cherries (5lb) **ONLINE ONLY**�NEW - Gummy Twin Cherries (5lb) **ONLINE ONLY**�
NEW - Red 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�NEW - Red 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�
NEW - Watermelon Frooties (360 Candies)�NEW - Watermelon Frooties (360 Candies)�
Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Red (4.75 lb)Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Red (4.75 lb)
Old Fashioned Candy Sticks Peppermint (80ct)Old Fashioned Candy Sticks Peppermint (80ct)
Red and White Tesla's Tiny Twist Pops (48ct)Red and White Tesla's Tiny Twist Pops (48ct)
Red Butter Mints (1.35lb)Red Butter Mints (1.35lb)
Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Rootbeer (20ct)Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Rootbeer (20ct)
Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Strawberry (20ct)Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Strawberry (20ct)
Sconza French Burnt Peanuts Jumbo (5lb)Sconza French Burnt Peanuts Jumbo (5lb)
Sconza Milk/White Chocolate Cherry (5lb)Sconza Milk/White Chocolate Cherry (5lb)
Sixlets Decorator Red (5lb)Sixlets Decorator Red (5lb)
Sixlets Red (2.5lb)Sixlets Red (2.5lb)
Sour Patch Cherry (5 lbs)Sour Patch Cherry (5 lbs)
Sticklettes Red & White (250ct)Sticklettes Red & White (250ct)
Swedish Fish Red Large (5 lbs)Swedish Fish Red Large (5 lbs)
Sweet's Cinnamon Bears (5lb)Sweet's Cinnamon Bears (5lb)
Sweet's Cinnamon Squares (5lb)Sweet's Cinnamon Squares (5lb)
Sweet's Cinnamon Squares (5lb)Sweet's Cinnamon Squares (5lb)
Sweet's Fruit Sours Cherry (5lb)Sweet's Fruit Sours Cherry (5lb)
Sweet's Taffy Cherry (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Cherry (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Cinnamon (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Cinnamon (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Cinnamon (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Cinnamon (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Peppermint (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Peppermint (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Red Licorice (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Red Licorice (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Tropical Punch (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Tropical Punch (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Watermelon (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Watermelon (3lb)
Twizzler Strawberry Twist King (15-5oz)Twizzler Strawberry Twist King (15-5oz)
Warhead Rip Rolls Strawberry (24ct)Warhead Rip Rolls Strawberry (24ct)
Warhead Rip Rolls Strawberry (24ct)Warhead Rip Rolls Strawberry (24ct)
Warhead Rip Rolls Watermelon (24ct)Warhead Rip Rolls Watermelon (24ct)
Werther’s Original Sugar Free (2lb)Werther’s Original Sugar Free (2lb)
Whirly Pop Red & White (1-1.5oz)Whirly Pop Red & White (1-1.5oz)

Useful in several holidays – from Chinese New Year to a traditional American Christmas to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and of course, Independence Day, with its red, white, and blue overtones – our red candy stimulates the senses and produces a sense of intensity unparalleled in our competition; after all, our red candy is hand-picked to give your party, event, or special occasion that special flare.

 Traditionally associated with classic flavors such as strawberry, cherry, watermelon, cinnamon, red licorice, and even raspberry, our red candy has all the flavors, tastes, and textures of any great red candy you ever grew up with, so you can fondly reminisce about days gone by when you sink your teeth into our mouth-watering, eye-popping red candy.

 From our hot and sweet cinnamon bears to our watermelon jelly slices, your guests will be sure to remember whatever event you’ve put together – and thank you warmly upon departure, when they exit the event, bag of sugary loot in hand. Add flair and style to a holiday event or other special gathering with our tasty red candy. With competitive pricing and a great, wide selection of truly delicious red candy to choose from, you’ll have no problem wrangling up the perfect assortment of delectable treats for guests of all walks, and making your event one to remember.

 If you have further questions about our red candy – or about the great matches you can come up with to create the ultimate color scheme for your event’s candy buffet – simply speak with one of our friendly Chic Candy Buffet representatives. They help people just like you – bulk buyers, designers, and wedding planners alike – figure out the perfect red candy solutions for your party, reception, wedding, corporate banquet, or anything else you might need. Call Chic Candy Buffet today at the number at the top of the screen to be connected with someone who can answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and get you on your way toward a hi-fructose candy buffet solution in no time!