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Purple was once associated with royalty. In fact, in some civilizations, people who were not of royal descent were not allowed to wear purple at all, for fear of strict recompense and punishment. Today, the color tends to associate itself with flamboyance and, depending on your personal perspective, that’s typically a very good thing. An outrageous color for being positioned in the standard rainbow, purple’s got it going on.

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Albanese Gummi Bears Grape (5lb)Albanese Gummi Bears Grape (5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Purple (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Purple (2.5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Purple (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Purple (2.5lb)
Gumballs Shimmer Lavender Purple (4.75 lb)Gumballs Shimmer Lavender Purple (4.75 lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Island Punch (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Island Punch (5lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Mixed Berry Smoothie (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Mixed Berry Smoothie (5lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Wild Blackberry (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Wild Blackberry (5lb)
M&Ms Purple (5lb)M&Ms Purple (5lb)
NEW - Dark Chocolate Kisses (3lb)NEW - Dark Chocolate Kisses (3lb)
NEW - Grape Air Heads (36 Candies)NEW - Grape Air Heads (36 Candies)
NEW - Grape Big Leagues Chew (12 packs)NEW - Grape Big Leagues Chew (12 packs)
NEW - Grape Frooties (360 Candies)�NEW - Grape Frooties (360 Candies)�
NEW - Grape Lace Licorice (2lb)�NEW - Grape Lace Licorice (2lb)�
NEW - Grape Licorice Twists (3lb)NEW - Grape Licorice Twists (3lb)
NEW - Grapevines (12 Packs)�NEW - Grapevines (12 Packs)�
NEW - Koppers Purple Milkies (2.5lb)�NEW - Koppers Purple Milkies (2.5lb)�
NEW - Koppers Purple Milkies (5lb)�NEW - Koppers Purple Milkies (5lb)�
NEW - Lavender Shimmer 1" Gumballs (2lb)NEW - Lavender Shimmer 1" Gumballs (2lb)
NEW - Lavender Shimmer 1" Gumballs (4.75lb)�NEW - Lavender Shimmer 1" Gumballs (4.75lb)�
NEW - Purple 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�NEW - Purple 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�
NEW- Pufflettes Purple (5lb)NEW- Pufflettes Purple (5lb)
NEW- Puffy Poles Purple & White (2.2lb)NEW- Puffy Poles Purple & White (2.2lb)
Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Purple (4.75 lb)Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Purple (4.75 lb)
Purple Butter Mints (1.35lb)Purple Butter Mints (1.35lb)
Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Blueberry (20ct)Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Blueberry (20ct)
Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Grape (20ct)Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Grape (20ct)
Sixlets Decorator Light Purple (5lb)Sixlets Decorator Light Purple (5lb)
Sixlets Decorator Shimmer Lavender (5lb)Sixlets Decorator Shimmer Lavender (5lb)
Sixlets Light Purple (2.5lb)Sixlets Light Purple (2.5lb)
Sixlets Shimmer Lavender (2.5lb)Sixlets Shimmer Lavender (2.5lb)
Sweet's Fruit Sours Grape (5lb)Sweet's Fruit Sours Grape (5lb)
Sweet's Fruit Sours Grapefruit (5lb)Sweet's Fruit Sours Grapefruit (5lb)
Sweet's Taffy Huckleberry (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Huckleberry (3lb)
Vibrant Purple Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)Vibrant Purple Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)
Whirly Pop Purple & White (1-1.5oz)Whirly Pop Purple & White (1-1.5oz)
Yogurt Mini Pretzels Blueberry (2.5lb)Yogurt Mini Pretzels Blueberry (2.5lb)
York (175-.48oz)York (175-.48oz)

Decadence and luxury abound when you come across purple, and with our purple candy, that’s no different. Eggplant, lavender, violet, and other tones of our purple candy all carry with them some pretty interesting flavors: grape, of course, is always the first to come to mind, but there’s also wildberry, Island punch, plum, and even blueberry in our purple candy line-up.

 Purple candy and other purple décor has long played a role in Easter celebrations of all varieties, not to mention being an instrumental color in Halloween, as well, along with black, orange, and green. It doesn’t have to be an Easter celebration or a Halloween party, however, for you to enjoy purple candy. Given our vast selection and excellent pricing on our hand-picked purple candy, you could even enjoy a bulk order over time – all by yourself! Feel the rock candy melt in your mouth into pure sugar, unwrapp a foiled chocolate ball and savor the decadence, and indulge in our purple candy lollipops for a sweet and charming experience – all creating memories of a great event!

 Our other purple candy selections include Albanese Gummi Bears, Jelly Fruit Slices, foiled milk chocolate balls and hearts, assorted Jelly Bellys, gumballs, rock candy, and whirly pops – to name a few. With this big a selection of hand-selected goodness, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find that their event suddenly becomes more popular, with attendees being far more likely to return.

 If you have any more concerns or questions regarding our purple candy selection – from ordering to quantity to color, taste, texture, and more – simply pick up the phone and call Chic Candy Buffet today. Our friendly representatives can get you on the right track toward a better event, no matter the party, reception, or other occasion you happen to best hosting, designing, or planning. Call us now at the number at the top of the screen, and you can be on your way toward enjoying a fuller, more colorful, more delicious, and more successful event than you ever have before.