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Elegant and tasty! Our Silver and Gold candy selection makes for wonderful party dishes and scrumptious treats. Just imagine, a beautiful white wedding reception or a fun filled baby shower with silver and gold candies shinning from glass bowls on each table. The event is outstanding and the guests have enjoyed not only being there but also eating the delicious candy. 

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Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Gold (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Gold (2.5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Silver (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Silver (2.5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Silver (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Silver (2.5lb)
Gold Butter Mints (1.35lb)Gold Butter Mints (1.35lb)
Gumballs Gold (4.75lb)Gumballs Gold (4.75lb)
Gumballs Silver (4.75lb)Gumballs Silver (4.75lb)
Hershey's Kisses (4.3lb)Hershey's Kisses (4.3lb)
M&Ms Gold (5lb)M&Ms Gold (5lb)
M&Ms Silver (5lb)M&Ms Silver (5lb)
NEW - Dark Mint 3 Musketeers BarNEW - Dark Mint 3 Musketeers Bar
NEW - Ferrero Rocher (12 Candies)NEW - Ferrero Rocher (12 Candies)
NEW - Gold 1" Gumballs (2lb)�NEW - Gold 1" Gumballs (2lb)�
NEW - Gumballs Silver 1" (4.75lb)NEW - Gumballs Silver 1" (4.75lb)
NEW - King Size Baby Ruth (18 Bars)NEW - King Size Baby Ruth (18 Bars)
NEW - King Size Chunky (24 Bars)�NEW - King Size Chunky (24 Bars)�
NEW - Milk Chocolate with Almonds Kisses (2.75lb)NEW - Milk Chocolate with Almonds Kisses (2.75lb)
NEW - Silver 1" Gumballs (2 lb)NEW - Silver 1" Gumballs (2 lb)
NEW - Truffle Crisp 3 Musketeers NEW - Truffle Crisp 3 Musketeers
Shimmer Silver Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)Shimmer Silver Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)
Sixlets Gold (2.5lb)Sixlets Gold (2.5lb)
Sixlets Gold (5lb)Sixlets Gold (5lb)
Sixlets Silver (5lb)Sixlets Silver (5lb)

At ChicCandyBuffet you can find gold and silver foiled chocolate balls, gold and silver M&M’s and other gold and silver chocolates. However, if you are not into chocolate treats, we also offer gold and silver gumballs. In short, we have a large selection of candy buffet items that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Do you have a sweet tooth? And are you also hosting a special event? Well, you will not be disappointed in our Gold and Silver candy selection. Great events create memories. And great memories are what life is about. So if you're having a gold and silver themed event, we recommend adding some great taste to the mix with gold and silver gumballs and chocolates. It is your choice, but, candy can always add to any event. 

Nothing can set the mood for a wonderful wedding reception or a baby shower like these gold and silver delicious candies. Gold and Silver represent success, achievement, and prosperity. And that's exactly what you'll enjoy with these delicious candies. 

So we hope you enjoy!