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Brown may not be the first hue that comes to mind when you’re thinking of vibrant colors, but as one of the basic crayon colors from your youth, it’s time we lay down the law about how brown – and therefore, brown candy – should be viewed. An earthy tone with a lot more to offer than you realize, brown is home to the best candy flavor – or content – of all: chocolate! 

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Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Brown (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Ball Brown (2.5lb)
Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Brown (2.5lb)Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart Brown (2.5lb)
Gumballs Root Beer (4.75lb)Gumballs Root Beer (4.75lb)
Haribo Happy Cola (5lb)Haribo Happy Cola (5lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans A&W Root Beer (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans A&W Root Beer (5lb)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Chocolate Pudding (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Chocolate Pudding (5lb)
M&Ms Brown (5lb)M&Ms Brown (5lb)
NEW - Bit O Honey (36)�NEW - Bit O Honey (36)�
NEW - Caramel Milk Rolls (48ct)NEW - Caramel Milk Rolls (48ct)
NEW - Dove's Dark Chocolate Candy Bar (12 Items)NEW - Dove's Dark Chocolate Candy Bar (12 Items)
NEW - Dove's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar (12 Items)�NEW - Dove's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar (12 Items)�
NEW - Koppers Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears (2lbs)NEW - Koppers Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears (2lbs)
NEW - Root Beer 1" Gumballs (2 lb)NEW - Root Beer 1" Gumballs (2 lb)
NEW - Rootbeer 1" Gumballs (4.75lb)NEW - Rootbeer 1" Gumballs (4.75lb)
Old Fashioned Candy Sticks Chocolate (80ct)Old Fashioned Candy Sticks Chocolate (80ct)
Rootbeer Barrels (5lb)Rootbeer Barrels (5lb)
Sconza Banana Chips Milk Chocolate (5lb)Sconza Banana Chips Milk Chocolate (5lb)
Sconza Chocolate Bridge Mix (5lb)Sconza Chocolate Bridge Mix (5lb)
Sconza Compound Chocolate Almond (5lb)Sconza Compound Chocolate Almond (5lb)
Sconza Dark Chocolate Almonds (5lb)Sconza Dark Chocolate Almonds (5lb)
Sconza Dark Chocolate Cranberries (5lb)Sconza Dark Chocolate Cranberries (5lb)
Sconza Dark Chocolate Maltball (5lb)Sconza Dark Chocolate Maltball (5lb)
Sconza Dark Chocolate Pistachios (5lb)Sconza Dark Chocolate Pistachios (5lb)
Sconza Dark Coffee Beans (5lb)Sconza Dark Coffee Beans (5lb)
Sconza Jordan Assorted Premium Almonds (5lb)Sconza Jordan Assorted Premium Almonds (5lb)
Sconza Milk Chocolate Almonds Sugar Free (5lb)Sconza Milk Chocolate Almonds Sugar Free (5lb)
Sconza Milk Chocolate Cashews (5lb)Sconza Milk Chocolate Cashews (5lb)
Sconza Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond (5lb)Sconza Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond (5lb)
Sconza Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond (5lb)Sconza Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond (5lb)
Sconza Mocha Truffle Almonds (5lb)Sconza Mocha Truffle Almonds (5lb)
Sconza Peanuts Double Dipped Chocolate (5lb)Sconza Peanuts Double Dipped Chocolate (5lb)
Sconza Pretzels Milk Chocolate (3.5lb)Sconza Pretzels Milk Chocolate (3.5lb)
Sconza Raisins Dark Chocolate (5lb)Sconza Raisins Dark Chocolate (5lb)
Sconza Raisins Milk Chocolate (5lb)Sconza Raisins Milk Chocolate (5lb)
Sixlets Brown (2.5lb)Sixlets Brown (2.5lb)
Sixlets Decorator Brown (5lb)Sixlets Decorator Brown (5lb)
Slo Poke Bite Size (216ct)Slo Poke Bite Size (216ct)
Snickers Almond King Size (24-3.23oz)Snickers Almond King Size (24-3.23oz)
Snickers King Size (24-3.29oz)Snickers King Size (24-3.29oz)
Sweet's Taffy Chocolate (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Chocolate (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Cookie Dough (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Cookie Dough (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Neapolitan (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Neapolitan (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Root Beer Float (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Root Beer Float (3lb)
Sweet's Taffy Rum (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Rum (3lb)
Trolli Sour Brite Crawler Eggs (12-4oz)Trolli Sour Brite Crawler Eggs (12-4oz)
Twix Peanut Butter King Size (24-2.8oz)Twix Peanut Butter King Size (24-2.8oz)
Vanilla Caramel Square (400ct)Vanilla Caramel Square (400ct)
Whatchamacallit King (18-2.6oz)Whatchamacallit King (18-2.6oz)
Whirly Pop Brown & White (1-1.5oz)Whirly Pop Brown & White (1-1.5oz)
York (175-.48oz)York (175-.48oz)
York (175-.48oz)York (175-.48oz)

Remember the delight of unwrapping a Hershey’s Kiss? No other brown candy can melt in your mouth quite like chocolate, and the best part of it all is that brown is also home to Sixlets, caramels, root-beer flavored confections like our Jelly Belly, and even more exotic flavors, as found in our Haribo Happy Cola Bottles, a gummy cola-flavored creation sure to tantalize.

 From milk and dark chocolates to smooth, light-brown caramels, our brown candy is sure to please the older crowd at your event, especially, with a variety of flavor and texture that can’t be found anywhere else. We also have Neapolitan candy, too, that blends the classic trio of ice cream flavors – strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate – beautifully into taffy and coconut brown candy that will have your tongue as confused as it is pleased.

 Holidays like Thanksgiving Day are especially in tune with brown candy. The sweet yet filling flavor of chocolate and caramel is perfect for celebrations of gratitude, complementing the red, orange, yellow, and beige colors so ubiquitous that time of year. Moreover, with Chic Candy Buffet, you know you’re getting the highest quality brown candy for the most affordable rates online, as we order from sellers in bulk and have competitive pricing on our brown candy that drives the other guys to shame. Further, as we’ve already mentioned, our brown candy isn’t always chocolate; we’ve made sure to include other varieties of flavor, as well, in our line-up of brown candy, so that you can enjoy different tastes under the same color.

 Do you have questions about our brown candy? Feel free to call Chic Candy Buffet any time at the number at the top of the screen. Our professional representatives arrange the perfect candy orders for a living, and as such, they are skilled at helping you to organize a color scheme, submit your order, and be on your way toward the best party or other event you’ve ever had. Order today!