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You’ve heard it a hundred thousand times: “Black goes with everything.” This couldn’t be truer, especially when it comes to the sweet, sugary black candy available at Chic Candy Buffet. Not only for Halloween parties of epic proportions, our black candy, hand-picked for its taste, texture, color, and above all, flavor, can be used for just about any event. 

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Black Butter Mints (1.35lb)Black Butter Mints (1.35lb)
Black Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)Black Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)
Hypno Pops Black Cherry 1.5" (100 ct)Hypno Pops Black Cherry 1.5" (100 ct)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Black Licorice (5lb)Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Black Licorice (5lb)
Koppers Colorwheel Chocolate Jordan Almonds Black (2.5lbs)Koppers Colorwheel Chocolate Jordan Almonds Black (2.5lbs)
M&Ms Black (5lb)M&Ms Black (5lb)
NEW - Black 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�NEW - Black 1" Gumballs (2 lb)�
NEW - Black Cow Bites (216 Pieces)�NEW - Black Cow Bites (216 Pieces)�
NEW - Black Licorice Laces (2lb)�NEW - Black Licorice Laces (2lb)�
NEW - Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly Beans (5lb)�NEW - Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly Beans (5lb)�
NEW - Koppers Black Milkies (5lb)�NEW - Koppers Black Milkies (5lb)�
Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Black (4.75 lb)Oak Leaf Gumballs Decorator Black (4.75 lb)
Rockies Licorice (2.2lb)Rockies Licorice (2.2lb)
Shimmer Silver Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)Shimmer Silver Sconza Jordan Almonds (5lb)
Sixlets Black (2.5lb)Sixlets Black (2.5lb)
Sixlets Decorator Black (5lb)Sixlets Decorator Black (5lb)
Sweet's Taffy Black Licorice (3lb)Sweet's Taffy Black Licorice (3lb)
Whirly Pop Black & White (1-1.5oz)Whirly Pop Black & White (1-1.5oz)

 Black – universal, timeless, and strangely enough, not even technically a color itself, but rather the absence of color, is perfect for just about any event, however, especially in smaller doses. Who doesn’t adore the charming flavor of a licorice drop? Of course, our flavors aren’t strictly limited to licorice, as we also carry – and don’t forget – the sweet and unique flavors of sassafras and blackberry, not to mention the delicious chocolate balls that are neatly wrapped in shiny black foil. Our black candy is not only hand-selected for its many qualities we already mentioned, but also ordered in bulk and from the best suppliers, all of which make our black candy the most affordably priced on the market today.

 Designers and event planners have always loved to inject a bit of humor into their work, and black candy is one of the best – and of course, one of the sweetest – ways to do this. A wonderful candy color palate of vibrant or flamboyant colors, such as orange or purple, are beautifully complemented by a touch of black candy, adding, not only a touch of humor, but also a rather classy and sophisticated feel, as well. Your guests will be surprised to find some of their classic black candy favorites – from licorice black vines to Holly Holdstein Cowhide black-and-white saltwater taffy – interspersed throughout the otherwise colorful rainbow of your candy buffet, and this is the first step in creating a memorable and desirable event people will talk about for ages to come!

 If you any questions or concerns about our black candy, simply call Chic Candy Buffet any time at the number at the top right of our screen. Our reps can help you to set up your color palate, submit orders, and get you and your party on your way towards a better, more affordable, and more delicious black candy event.