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Whether you’re looking for blueberry rock candy lollipops, cinnamon bears, orange slices, watermelon taffy, or chocolate balls wrapped in foil of every color of the rainbow, has you covered. If you’re hosting a party – a corporate event, a home gathering, or an outdoor event just for fun – there is no better place to find sweets in all the colors of the rainbow than at

We can put together the ultimate color combination of red candy, orange candy, yellow candy, green candy, blue candy, purple candy, and even less conventional schemes involving black candy, brown candy, white candy, and gold candy/silver candy arrangements that will have your guests eating out of the palm of your hand.

Try our Unicorn Pops for a rainbow-licious, sweet experience, or our Rainbow Sour Belts for a sugary-yet-sour indulgence. Everything we sell at is designed to not only appeal to the eye, but to also satisfy the taste buds. When you’ve satisfied your guests – no matter the kind of event you’ve put together – you can tell, and there’s no easier way to do this than to provide them with a colorful, tasty selection of everyone’s favorites.

More importantly, we want you to be able to contact us, should you have questions or concerns. After all, an event that serves up so many scrumptious confections surely must be one of note, and having on your side to take care of all your sweet-treat issues is the first step in ensuring the success of your carefully planned, strategically arranged party and its accommodations to guests of all kinds. For more information on party planning with stunning candy buffets, simply visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, and learn more about how you can blend together the unique flavors and colors of red candy, orange candy, yellow candy, green candy, blue candy, purple candy, and the others to create a rainbow of sweet tastes and different textures, all of which are sure to please those attendees.

Have your guests expect the unexpected, and surprise them with a fresh assortment of multicolored and assorted sweets, as well, stimulating their visual – and their olfactory and tactile – senses, too. Make your candy bar buffet experience (and more importantly, whatever event you choose to host, such as a shower, a business convention, or even a birthday party for that someone special) one to remember, and give your guests the multicolored candy sensory experience they deserve!

Contact us using the included form, and be on your way toward a ChicCandyBuffet!